What is the VISIONALE?

The VISIONALE Congress is an international event with the aim to better network female experts in the industry in order to promote their professional development, presence and influence within the real estate industry.


What is offered?

The event offers an ideal forum for knowledge transfer, experience exchange, job placement, continuing education and networking. Every year current trends and topics in the real estate industry are presented in a specific German city, which then rotates each year.


Who is the initiator?

The “Women in the Real Estate Industry Association” initiated this event in pursuit of its goals. In November 2004, the organization presented itself at the first VISIONALE with a high-level information and discussion forum in the city Aachen. Since then, this top event of the real estate industry has taken place in a different location every year.

In the years of its existence, VISIONALE has developed into a strong stimulus for highly qualified women in the industry, for the real estate industry, as well as, the host regions.


Where does the VISIONALE take place?

The venues change locations annually. Our regional teams take the opportunity to present the special real estate events of their region.


Under the following link you will find our VISIONALE from the years 2018 and 2019:

You can also find all the VISIONALE from 2004 to 2017 in the ” VISIONALE ” drop-down menu.