Frankfurt am Main / Rhein-Main – a Hub for International Activity in the Real Estate Industry


In the Real Estate Industry, Frankfurt / Rhein-Main is a hub of international activity.


If wish contact Real Estate professionals in Frankfurt, please contact us in Frankfurt whether you speak German or not.


Please contact us if you have an idea for an (online) event in English or another language that we can offer from and for our professionals in Frankfurt or if you seek an opportunity for exchange.


We welcome exchange with contacts from all over the globe.




Welcome to the German Women in Real Estate in the Rhine-Main region!


Our regional group comprises approx. 165 members from a wide range of disciplines who are essentially involved in real estate and the property industry:

  • Property development, project management and planning, architects and engineers.
  • Real estate (asset, property, facility), portfolio and fund management
  • Financing
  • Property valuation
  • Press relations and marketing
  • Recruiting / Personnel
  • Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM)
  • Real estate agent, consulting, business economist, management consultancy, coaching
  • Management, leadership
  • Lawyers and legal counsel


We welcome members who are in training/studying, up to and including professional exchanges alongside retirement.


If you are involved in real estate in your profession – directly or indirectly – you have come to the right place!



Our modules, concepts


We welcome professional and personal exchange and joint learning of skills. Our events (online and in person) and activities are based on the following three modules:


  • Learning & Development – 2022:


Quarterly roundtable on ESG

Quarterly leadingLAB

Expert presentations on current topics in the real estate industry

Sharing expertise from and for our members and interested parties


  • Our region


Annual market report Frankfurt / Rhine-Main

Guided tours – construction sites; existing buildings; city tours; joint city walk

Cooperation with associations, companies and politics

Knowledge transfer about our region, real estate industry, real estate market


  • Networking and promotion of / with real estate women in the region


Monthly regulars’ table every 3rd Thursday of the month, we welcome everyone (m/f/d) who is from the real estate industry


Introducing our members and real estate women in the region, job profiles, campaigns, promoting women as speakers / presenters

Christmas party, summer party, each including real estate topics


All upcoming events can be found in the Termine (dates) section, where you can easily register, also as a non-member.


Under the heading Rückblick (a glance back) you will find insights into events / dates that we have held.



We look forward to get to know you.


If you have any questions or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact our regional leaders (Regionalleiterinnen). You can find their contact information in the Team section.



When you register for an event


we usually ask you to transfer the fee – for paid events – to the account stated in the invitation in advance. We ask for your understanding that we will charge the fee even if you do not attend. The date and time of registration and timely receipt of payment are relevant for you to participate.