Who are we?

We are a nationwide association of dedicated, professional women from the real estate industry.

The association “Frauen in der Immobilienwirtschaft e.V.” – founded in 2000 – is present in 13 central locations in Germany. The regional management teams in Berlin-Brandenburg, Dresden, Franconia, Hamburg, Hanover-Brunswick, Leipzig, Munich, Muenster (Westphalia), Rhine-Main, Rhineland, Ruhr Area, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Stuttgart are the first point of contact and are the keystones for exchanging ideas.

The managing director supports the regional managers.

The board is the legal representative of the association. Internally it has a leadership function and externally it represents the association.

Current membership figures are over 1,000 members. 


Why we were established?

Women are underrepresented in the real estate industry. We would like to change that.

Our activities raise the visibility of women in the real estate sector.

We stand for equal opportunities for women in all professions, particularly in the real estate industry.


What are our main objectives?

We aim to increase the number of female decision-makers in the real estate industry.

We put the professional achievements of women in the real estate industry into the spotlight.

We actively embrace equal opportunity in our professional environment.

We promote women in their jobs and careers and demonstrate their compatibility with family and/or children.

We are an advocacy group with an effective outreach strategy.


Who do we benefit?

We offer dedicated, professional women from the real estate industry a platform that enables them to exchange expertise and provide expansion possibilities for their personal network.

We encourage and support women in their personal careers.

We are dedicated to making women’s potentials in their business environment evident.

We unite all professional sectors and fields of activity in the real estate industry and cover the entire value chain.


What do we do?

We offer an opportunity to expand the personal and professional network – on a regional, national and international level.

We provide a platform for interdisciplinary exchange of experiences and to form alliances.

We offer personal development seminars.

We offer a protected platform to learn leadership roles and skills.


How do members benefit from one another?

A major feature of our network is the direct interaction between our members. Personal contacts are the base for building trust at a business level.

Participation in the regular events of the regional groups, the Federation and trips abroad provide numerous opportunities for this.

Members may – on a voluntary basis – proved their data to other members in a secure member log in at our website.

Each and every member may create industry- or interest-specific forums in order to exchange ideas and/or experiences with other members and to contribute to the association.


Our communication is characterized by transparency, fairness and a professional approach and interaction.



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