Specialist group evaluation


If you are a member of the association and are interested in the topic of evaluation in the real estate industry or would like to actively participate in it, please feel free to contact us by e-mail:



Network within the Network


The network in the network for real estate evaluation consists of approximately 20 members from various branches, which are expertly evaluating and advisory among other things in banks, expert’s offices and broker houses active. The internal network exists since 2009.

A current list of our active evaluators in the network with their contact details and main areas of activity can be downloaded here.


Various business areas have developed around real estate, for which the value assessment is of great importance. The valuation is determined with different methods depending on the purpose.

Here you will find a selection of the various definitions of value and evaluation occurrences.


  1. Real estate valuation in general
  2. Tax valuation
  3. Determination of mortgage lending value
  4. Dnsurance valuation
  5. Other values