If you are a member of the association and are interested in the topic of innovation and digitalization in the real estate industry or would like to actively participate in it, please feel free to contact us by e-mail:



Who are we?


Innovation-enthusiastic members who have come together to form a specialist group and are motivated to present and promote innovation topics in the association. You can find out more here:


What do we mean by the term innovation and what goals are we pursuing?


Innovation is a process, due to the introduction of new methods or techniques or due to the establishment of a successful idea, which renews a product or service and brings it up to date. We want to create added value for our association members by:

  • Presenting innovations and discussing them controversially
  • Communicate the fun of innovation and new things
  • Promote exchange on trends, customers and markets


Another key concern for the group is the target group specific discussion of topics that are already relevant for the real estate and construction industry or will be important in the future.


With which topics are our group involved?


We want to create a platform for the exchange of knowledge concerning innovative topics and new tools.


This group deals with trends and innovations on the following topics:


#Smart City – Mobility/ Infrastructure/ Smart Habitats/ Urban Planning

#Smart Work – Digitization/ Tools

#Smart Living – Alternative Living Concepts/ Digitally Assisted Living

#Smart office use (Space/ Utilization Concepts/ Organization)

Ecology/ Sustainability – Building Materials, Recycling



What does digital innovation mean for the real estate and construction industry?


– Transformation of existing traditional business models and processes

– Integration of innovations to maintain competitiveness

– Time and cost savings through process automation

– Optimization of customer experience and customer value


In the coming years, Property Technology, or Prop-Tech for short, will bring further exciting developments for users, landlords, project developers and construction companies.


Property Technology stands for future-orientated technological developments in the real estate industry.