Kooperation | Mediation

Specialist group mediation


If you are a member of the association and are interested in the topic of mediation in the real estate industry or would like to actively participate in it, please feel free to contact us by e-mail: mediation@immofrauen.de


Mediation supports the achievement of sustainable solutions

– in complex and difficult situations

– when positions seem irreconcilable

– when the dispute threatens to escalate

– in companies, teams, projects, …


In this network we want to bundle our competences and jointly look for concrete approaches for the use of mediation:

– in project management

– in the development of modern company cultures

– in all cases of conflict

– in contract negotiations

– in team development


A current list of our active mediators within our network with their contact details and main areas of activity can be found Liste


Partnership and constructive conflict management


Mediation has emphatically arrived in the real estate industry. The spectrum of mediation ranges from the initiation and management of partnership processes in project development and implementation to individual conflict avoidance and problem solving in everyday work situations.

The specialist group mediation within the association of Women in the Real Estate Industry as been working on this topic since 2016, at that time as the Mediation Network, and has since been actively working on making mediation better known and using it much more frequently in professional life. The goal is to bundle professional competence in the field of mediation and to further develop it for practical use in the industry.

The initiators of the specialist group, Susanne Seidel, architect and Master of Mediation, and Sylvia Kupers, experienced real estate manager and mediator, are familiar with the many possibilities of using mediation to solve problems in a sustainable manner in the project process and to prevent future conflicts, as well as using meditative communication to make the relationships between people in everyday working life more motivating, productive and, last but not least, more satisfying for the individual.

In the course of the past two years, numerous well-attended events and workshops provided an opportunity for discussion on the topic of mediation and for an intensive exchange among female mediators and those interested in mediation. With the founding of the Mediation Specialist Group in June 2018, a further step was taken towards bundling the competencies available in the association and towards increasing the visibility of professional women mediators in the real estate sector. It is important to actively pursue this path further and in the process to win further comrades-in-arms.

As initiators of this group, Susanne Seidel and Sylvia Kupers are firmly convinced that active communication, mediation and solution-oriented cooperation can significantly improve the cooperation of people in all areas of life. It is their claim to use this conviction for more and more people and, as real estate women, to have a decisive influence as an important requirement in their everyday life.